The Perse School

House Music Competition 2014

25 Jun 2014

Last week saw the annual House Music Competition take place, showcasing the musical talent of our pupils in Years 7 to 10. This two-day musical extravaganza was adjudicated by former Director of Music at The Perse, Iain Cooper.

Categories included: piano, strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, singing and guitar, and audiences were wowed by performances from a wide range of music genres from Handel to Bach and Phil Collins to Adele. Please see below for a breakdown of the results.

The competition culminated in a Prizewinners’ Concert where the winners of the individual groups took to the stage once more to perform in front of parents, friends and staff. The Prizewinners’ Concert also saw the presentation of some additional awards where the following pupils received accolades:

  • Outstanding performance (Year 7/8) – George Harliono-Evans
  • Outstanding performance (Year 9./10) – Natalie Martin
  • Most promising performance: Gayatri Mullaparthi
  • Highly commended in the Prizewinners’ Concert – Patrick Bevan, Stephani Gaunt, Lucy Howard, Yao-Chih Kuo

This was a fantastic event – well done to all of the pupils who took part.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
Piano 1st prize: Stephanie Gaunt, Highly commended: Lydia Balon 1st prize: George Harliono-Evans, Most promising: Hannah Sirringhaus 1st prize: Gayatri Mullaparthi, Highly commended: Clara Balon, Most promising: William Harmer 1st prize: Natalie Martin, Highly commended: Oliver Cope, Most promising: Pratap Singh
Strings 1st prize: Stephanie Gaunt, Highly commended: Laura Barraclough 1st prize: Yao-Chih Kuo, Highly commended: Ekaterina Rahr-Bohr, Most promising: Kevin Zhang 1st prize: Shimmy Osindero, Highly commended: Airi Visser, Gayatri Mullaparthi, Joshua Harliono-Evans, Most promising: Tessa Jackson 1st prize: Patrick Bevan, Highly commended: Natalie Martin, Most promising: Oliver Cope
Woodwind Lower School woodwind – 1st prize: Elijah Price, Highly commended: Soo-Yeon Kim, Most promising: Joseph Greaney 1st prize: Nathan Choat, Highly commended: Jonathan Chen


1st prize: Pratap Singh
Brass 1st prize: William Nathan, Highly commended: Benjamin Bradshaw 1st prize: Pip Jackson, Highly commended: Hal Bartlett 1st prize: Lucy Howard, Highly commended: William Harmer
Percussion Lower School percussion – 1st prize: Angus Goddard Middle School percussion –

1st prize: Jack Rusted, Highly commended: Henry Proudfoot

Singing Lower School singing – 1st prize: Ekaterina Rahr-Bohr, Highly commended: Pip Jackson, Most promising: Robert Almqvist Middle School singing -1st prize: Matthew Dougherty, Highly commended: Claire Wood, Most promising: Anna Sutherland
Guitar Lower School guitar – 1st prize: David Palmer Middle School guitar – 1st prize: Thomas Allen


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