The Perse School

Celebrating all things literary at the Prep Reading Festival

4 Jun 2014

The inaugural Perse Prep Reading Festival fought its way through the clouds and rain on Monday to celebrate the School’s love of all things literary.

The hall, dining hall and drama studio all took on a festival feel, and the afternoon got off to a great start with Year 4 asking their carefully prepared questions of Caroline Lawrence. The author, famous for her Roman Mysteries series, is also a renowned expert in the classical world, and delighted the children with her knowledge and passion for life in Ancient Rome. This was followed by a talk which Caroline gave to Year 5 and 6 about her books while Year 3 joined Year 4 to hear from Sam Gayton, author of The Snow Merchant. Both talks were fabulously entertaining and gave the children a real insight into the minds of two wonderful authors.

After this, the children broke into discussion groups to share a favourite story with members of their team and had plenty to say when talking about their reading habits. Congratulations were then offered to the winners of The Lost Page Story Writing Competition (Peter Santarius, Chunyi Zhou, Isabella Li-Yan-Hui and Austin Wang), who received signed copies of books by our visiting authors and had the honour of hearing their work read out in a very dramatic style.

The afternoon finished with the whole school and a large group of parents enjoying the opportunity to catch up with a good book, accompanied in some parts by birdsong, although the day’s wet weather did mean it was just a sound effect. The children responded very enthusiastically to hearing the authors speak and engaged brilliantly during the discussion and reading parts of the Festival. In what will become a very busy half-term, taking some time to reflect on the many benefits of reading was a lovely way to start the week.

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