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Castles, wind turbines and RADA – Field Day at the Upper

11 Jun 2014

Monday was Year 7 to 10 Field Day where each year group had the opportunity to take part in a different activity.

Year 7 took part in a fantastic joint classics and history trip to St Albans and Mountfitchet Castle. The classics portion of the day was spent at the Verulamium Museum, where the pupils took part in an artefact handling session. They had the change to handle objects illustrating cooking, personal hygiene and building in Roman Britain. They also had a guided walk to the Roman Theatre of St Albans and to the remains of a Roman villa which boasts a fine mosaic and under-floor heating system.

The second half of the day was spent at Mountfitchet Castle, which was built following the Norman conquest of England in 1066, having previously been an early Iron Age fort and Roman, Saxon and Viking settlement. The pupils had the opportunity to see medieval siege weapons, to view the key features of a motte and bailey castle, and to learn more about the daily lives of people in the medieval period. Pupils had great fun dressing in chain mail, being put in the stocks, trying on helmets of Norman knights and feeding the rescued animals that freely roam the site.

All Year 8 pupils visited the Green Britain Centre in Swaffham as part of the topic they are studying in geography: the geography of consumption. The day was based around understanding how wind energy is used, a mini competitive activity to create their own most efficient turbine and investigating the siting of a new wind turbine using anemometers to measure wind speeds. The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the trip up the 70m spiral staircase to the top of the wind turbine and the amazing views across the Norfolk countryside.

Meanwhile, Year 9 were joined by graduates from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) as a part of their drama field day. With each group having two different drama workshops over the course of the day, the pupils were able to explore a range of theatrical techniques; from improvisation to character through physicality, and truthfulness in performance. This was a fantastic, unique experience with professionals from the industry.

Year 10 spent the day doing a whole host of activities. A selection of pupils spent the afternoon sketching new architecture at the new Aura housing development in Trumpington and also visited the Cambridge Museum. Some Year 10 students spent the day with pupils visiting The Perse from Nanyang Girls’ High School in Singapore (one of our SAGE alliance partner schools), working on projects to discuss the cultural similarities and differences between the UK and Singapore, which was a great opportunity for them to develop their communication and presentation skills whilst learning about different cultures. Topics discussed included the impact of social media on teenagers, gender equality and the role of education.

The remainder of the Year 10 took part in a GCSE history day, which began with a talk from Andrew Tatham on World War One. The group was also visited by The Bigger Picture who ran workshops with the students throughout the day, looking at poetry, historical paintings, war memorials, photography and music in a historical context.




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