The Perse School

A science-filled week at the Prep

9 Jun 2014

Last week saw Prep pupils partake in a range of science related activities, beginning with a Year 6 trip to the Upper.

Each class was given a lesson of chemistry (‘How to survive on a desert island’), biology (‘Extracting your own DNA’) and physics (‘Simply shocking’). In chemistry the pupils learnt how to survive on a desert island, as long as you had a chemistry kit with you that enabled testing for different food groups, sugar, protein, water and starch. In biology they gathered a sample of cheek cells and mixed chemicals with them to make their DNA visible, as well as producing genetically coded DNA bracelets. Finally in physics the pupils learnt how to create static electricity and most enjoyably use the Van de Graff generator to reshape their hair and shock each other.

Year 6 had a fantastic day – thank you to the staff from the Upper for putting on such a wonderful experience for the Prep.

Continuing the science theme, at the start of last week, as part of their habitats topic, Year 3 visited Fowlmere Nature Reserve in their class groups to do some pond dipping and investigate the creatures which live in the waters of The Mere.

After a brief introduction by the field teachers, the children were shown pictures of the creatures they were likely to extract from the water and it was explained to them how they should look after the wildlife, their environment and themselves during the time they were to spend on the reserve. Armed with mats, nets, trays and magnifying bottles, they set off in high spirits. Once they had dipped into the water, their catch was transferred to water-filled trays where they could be more easily studied with the aid of identifying charts and a pond-life recording sheet. damselfly and dragonfly nymphs, phantom midge larva and whirligig beetles were all greeted with enthusiasm as they were observed amongst the huge quantities of miniscule daphnia.

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