The Perse School

Viking Day at the Prep

27 May 2014

Viking DayViking DayLast Thursday, Year 4 were sucked into a time portal which threw them back to the time of the Vikings.

The children, in a bid to blend in with their time travelling surroundings, took on the roles of peasants, traders and craftsmen. They worked at their various jobs in the setting of the marketplace of the Viking village and found themselves preparing cures with the wise woman, making ink and testing it with their runic writing, making ‘hammers of Thor’, working with clay, carding, weaving, illuminating using oxides, casting, making bags and runic stones and dipping beeswax candles.

In the afternoon the children travelled forward once again to the present day and partook in an activity investigating archaeological finds. They took on the roles of archaeologists, excavators, researchers and professors, using dig boxes to piece together the fate of the village.

A great time was had by all and many thanks go to all the parent helpers who made the day such a success.

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