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Perse pupils attend Cambridgeshire Hearing Help Awards

15 May 2014

1It’s Deaf Awareness Week next week and recently, Deputy Head of Pupils at The Perse, Mr Ed Wiseman, held an assembly on hearing loss – something which currently affects 1 in 6 people in the UK. He talked about Cambridgeshire Hearing Help; a charity that works to support those with hearing loss in Cambridgeshire, and gave pupils the opportunity to enter their short film competition. To take part, pupils had to create a 2-3 minute film on the brief ‘the sounds they would miss if they lost their hearing’.

There were four excellent entries to the competition by Perse pupils, all of which were broadcast at the Cambridgeshire Hearing Help2 Awards last night. Our pupils did fantastically well, with George Lawton in Year 11’s video receiving third prize, and Martin England, Tom Morris, Ewan Morris and Alex Colby taking away first prize!

George’s video included a series of clips from the people of Cambridge who were asked what sound they would miss the most, with answers ranging from the sound of the sea, to laughter and music. Martin, Tom, Ewan and Alex’s thought-provoking video dealt with the notion that all sound had been banned and what it would be like to hear everyday sounds again.

We hope you enjoy watching the winning team’s video.

This is a great achievement for all involved, and we are sure that it has encouraged the pupils to think about the effects of hearing loss on a person’s life and how their behaviour towards them can really make a difference.

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