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Students ‘RAK’ up acts as nomination craze spreads through The Perse

9 Apr 2014

Over 200 students from the Upper have been spreading cheer by carrying out random acts of kindness (RAKs), in their take on recent social media nomination crazes.

Students set up a ‘RAK relay’, filming themselves doing something nice, posting it online, then nominating two of their peers to pick up the baton. The RAKs spread throughout the School and also into the local community.

Some of the most impressive kind acts include Sasha Karabasova repainting a pirate ship for a local playground, musician Tom Roddis performing at the Cambridge Half Marathon and donating his fee to Cancer Research, Athene Robertson picking litter in the countryside, Ferdie Bullmore giving food to Jimmy’s Night Shelter, Millie Reynolds making soup for her granny in hospital, Alex Rand baking a cake for his form and Joseph Tidy leaving flowers on a neighbour’s doorstep. Other students’ activities included carrying shopping, walking dogs and washing dishes.

The initiative was organised by Head of Year 7 Dani Creese and Head of Year 8 Emma Cope. Emma explained:

“We hear all the time about social media facilitating negative peer pressure, but the RAK relay shows it can also help young people organise themselves and each other to do good. The students really enjoyed making and watching the films and nominating their classmates. They’ve learnt that no matter how busy they are there is always time to be kind.”

The School runs regular ‘random acts of kindness weeks’ but this is the first time it has used social media to facilitate the fun. Film clips of the acts were posted on schoology (a school social networking site), and students encouraged and supported each other by liking their favourites and posting kind comments.

Here are some of the videos the students have produced – enjoy watching!

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