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Outdoor Pursuits staff and students take part in remote medical training course

28 Apr 2014

Over the weekend, 15 members of the outdoor pursuits expedition staff team, accompanied by student medical officers from PES Summit 12 and our expedition doctors and paramedics undertook a three-day intensive medical training course in preparation for the summer international expeditions.

The aim of the JET Medicine Remote Medical course is to prepare students and staff for medical emergencies in remote areas. This course is undertaken by the expedition staff team on a yearly basis, however this is the first time that students, expedition doctors and staff have all joined forces to take part in the training together. Training ranged from incident management, secondary surveys, systems-based analysis of illness and injury (ENT, GI etc.), practical techniques (for example suturing, IM injections, cannulation and splinting), evacuation techniques and triage. Training culminated in a trauma scenario featuring two climbers who had fallen and were presenting with multiple injuries such as a compound fracture and an arterial bleed, alongside scalp lacerations and compromised airways. Suffice to say all involved were covered in fake blood!

Mr Parker (Head of Outdoor Pursuits) said of the course; ‘The training was a great success. Having all our staff and student medical officers in one place allowed us to put together all our safety management processes in one place and talk through all the practicalities in the field. The bespoke course also allowed the group to bring in past incidences and talk through how management was carried out and what could be improved. Overall, a very valuable experience.’


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