The Perse School

Old Perseans Vs Firsts

4 Apr 2014

The final Saturday of term saw the current 1st VII and 2nd VII netball and 1st XI boys’ hockey teams take on the Old Perseans (OP) teams. After having to cancel last year’s fixtures due to snow we were blessed with great weather and a record turn out from the OPs for the afternoon.

The current 1st VII and 2nd VII netball teams reigned victorious, winning three out of their four matches, with the 2nd VII drawing one of their games. The boys’ hockey team narrowly lost one match, drew their second, and in a last match between both OP teams, there was nothing between them as they drew 1-1. A wide range of Old Perseans took part, with players ranging from last year’s leavers to those who left in the 1990s.

Netball Boys’ Hockey
1st VII v OP1 23-6 1st XI v OP1 2-3
1st VII v OP2 15-4 1st XI v OP2 1-1
2nd VII v OP1 7-7 OP1 v OP2 1-1
2nd VII v OP2 7-4



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