The Perse School

CCF biennial inspection

4 Apr 2014

The Perse’s Combined Cadet Force had their biennial inspection at the end of last month. One of the cadets, Sgt Edmund Smith, has written a short account of his experiences of the day.

“The Perse School’s Combined Cadet Force recently had their Biennial Inspection on the 21 March 2014. We had the honour of having Air Commodore George Martin as our reviewing officer – who kindly stepped in last minute when Air Vice Marshall Morrison was recalled on short notice.

The cadets prepared diligently in the weeks leading up to the inspection, which showcased the activities which we do as part of our regular CCF training. These included presentations on the camps and courses available through the CCF, a drill display, a first-aid exercise and a leadership training exercise. We also displayed weapons training with the L96A2 cadet rifle as well as marksmanship with the .22 rifle. Whilst moving round the displays Air Commodore Martin was able to give the cadets context to their exercises, effectively communicating to them the ‘real word’ implications of the tasks they were training for.

Having inspected the section and observed our training, the Air Commodore presented awards and promotions. These included the promotion of Lance-Corporal Lam to Corporal and the promotion of Corporal Agar and Corporal Smith to Sergeant. Following this, the Air Commodore had a candid talk with the cadets without staff present, discussing with them issues and challenges faced by the section and how it could be improved.

In a meeting with the Headmaster, the Air Commodore spoke highly of our section and was very impressed by the quality of the standards displayed. The positive results of the review will enable the section to continue to offer exciting training opportunities in the future.”

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