The Perse School

Year 2 take a step back in time on trip to Stibbington

13 Mar 2014

Last week Year 2 went on a fabulous 1940s adventure to Stibbington.  The children came to school ready to go in their evacuee costumes complete with identity labels, teddy bears, small suitcases and gas masks.

From the moment the children arrived they were transported back in time where their journey began. The day started with a countryside walk to the local school where the children found out their guardians’ names and address as they filled out their new identity cards. This was followed by a lesson in the classroom consisting of dictated spellings and handwriting using an ink well and a special pen.

However, the lesson was interrupted by an air-raid siren and so the children finished their lesson in the air raid shelter, which was very damp and a bit smelly! The children sang songs to keep themselves occupied. After a lunch of spam sandwiches and water we played with some old-fashioned toys before heading back on the coach and back into 2014!

Thank you to Ms Tocca and Mrs Gourd for being part of this fantastic Pelican day out.

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