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Weekly sport round-up

3 Mar 2014

It has been a very busy first week back after half-term for The Perse’s sports teams.

The U16 girls’ hockey team headed off to the National Finals at Cannock Hockey Club last week. The girls lost their first game against Cranleigh 0-8, but showed great resolve, coming back to beat Clifton College 3-2. A narrow 0-2 loss against The Grammar School at Leeds meant the girls finished third in their group, and a fantastic joint overall fifth in the country – an outstanding achievement. Similarly, the U14 boys’ hockey team played in the East Rounds last week. Unfortunately, the team narrowly missed out on qualifying for the East Finals after tough matches against Felsted and Norwich, but we congratulate the team on such a fantastic season of hockey.

The girls’ cricket teams took part in the Lady Taverners indoor cricket competition on Friday, where our U15 team won through to the final. This was a closely-contested game, but The Perse sadly lost to their opponent. However, a great day of cricket was had by all!

Girls’ Hockey
Team Opposition Result For Against
U16 National Schools Finals – Cranleigh Loss  0 8
U16 National Schools Finals – Clifton Win  3 2
U16 National Schools Finals – Leeds GS Loss 0 2
Boys’ Hockey
1st XI Framlingham College  Win 7 3
2nd XI Framlingham College  Win 5 2
3rd XI Framlingham College  Win 10 0
3rd XI New Hall School Loss 1 3
U16A Bedford School Draw 3 3
U16B Bedford School Win 3 2
U15A Framlingham College Win 1 0
U15B Framlingham College Win 3 2
U15C Framlingham College Win 5 1
U14A National Schools East Rounds 3rd in pool
U13A1 Stamford School Loss 2 3
U13A2 Stamford School Loss 0 6
U13B1 Stamford School Win 4 3
U13B2 Stamford School Win 8 2
U13C1 St Faith’s School Loss 3 7
U13C1 Stamford School Loss 1 5
U13C2 St Faith’s School Win 2 1
U13C2 Stamford School Win 1 0
U13D1 St Faith’s School Loss 2 3
U13D1 Stamford School Win 3 1
U13D2 St Faith’s School Draw 2 2
U13D2 Stamford School Win 4 0
U13 Peli 1a Thomas Deacon Academy Win 4 1
U13 Peli 1b Thomas Deacon Academy Win 2 1
U13 Peli 2a Thomas Deacon Academy Win 2 0
U13 Peli 2b Thomas Deacon Academy Win 1 0
U13 Peli 3a St Faith’s School Win 7 0
U13 Peli 3b St Faith’s School Win 3 2
Girls’ Cricket
 Team Opposition Result For  Against 
 U13 Lady Taverners Indoor Cricket Competition Loss
 U15 Lady Taverners Indoor Cricket Competition Loss in Final
Boys’ Football
Team Opposition Result For Against
 1st XI Langley School Win 1 0
 2nd XI  St Albans School  Loss 1 3
 Girls’ Netball
 Team Opposition Result For  Against 
 U13A  King’s Ely Loss 8 24
 U13A  Kimbolton School  Loss 12 27
 U13B King’s Ely Loss 3 10
 U13B Kimbolton School Loss 11 16
 U13C King’s Ely Loss 8 3
 U13C Kimbolton School Win 11 5
 U13D King’s Ely Win 10 5
 U13D Kimbolton School Win 11 1
U13 Peli 1  King’s Ely Win 15 1
U13 Peli 1 Kimbolton School Win 8 2
1st VII Felsted School Win 28 22
2nd VII Felsted School Win 15 9
3rd VII Felsted School Loss 4 24
U14A Felsted School Loss 22 31
U14B Felsted School Win 11 7
U15A Felsted School Loss 10 27
U15B Felsted School Win 16 12
U16A Felsted School Loss 23 28
Team Opposition Result For Againsty
 U13 School Games League  Win All four Perse teams came in top 4 positions
Boys’ Rugby
Team Opposition Result For Against
 U14A Oundle School  Loss  10 19
 U14B Oundle School  Loss  5 48
 U14D Oundle School  Loss  5 60
Table Tennis
Team Opposition Result For Against
U12 School Games League Win All players won singles and doubles
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