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Sixth form students shine at EPQ presentation evenings

21 Mar 2014

On Tuesday 18, Wednesday 19 March and Thursday 20 March, our pupils taking the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) as part of their sixth form studies presented their research findings to parents and staff.

EPQ is a rewarding course which students are encouraged to begin at the end of their Lower Sixth year. It offers the opportunity for students to produce and present a high-level piece of independent research in almost any topic or subject. Whilst acquiring vital research skills invaluable for university study, it also gives the students to explore their academic interests beyond the curriculum.

This year’s topics are as varied as ever, covering issues from South African literature to the impact of robot-assisted surgery, and an exploration of Voltaire’s Candide to an assessment of the disproportionate number of female commercial pilots. Here is a complete list of this week’s fascinating presentations:

« Bu situation çok kötü » : An exploration of Code-Switching Does multilingualism act to unify or divide in selected works of South African literature?
Is it a fair assumption to consider the incompatibility of happiness and truth the most important theme in The Great Gatsby and The Catcher in the Rye? The Chinese in America have been excluded, welcomed, despised, liked, ridiculed, admired but rarely understood or accepted. Is this a true evaluation?
Is there any evidence that the Ancient Greeks had posttraumatic stress disorder? Why are there so few female commercial pilots in the world and what has caused this imbalance?
How has Robot-assisted surgery affected the traditional surgical procedure, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of its use? Do the risks associated with sertraline use outweigh its benefits for the treatment of depression in adolescents?
A Comparison between the idealist Metaphysics of George Berkeley and Adi Sankara How is the understanding of psychology ranked, compared to the other sciences – biology, chemistry and physics for 16-19 year olds?
Should the obese pay more tax? To what extent are executive bodies effectively addressing corruption within the footballing sector?
Does Dub Poetry Vandalise the Queen’s English? How did the United States military hospital at Wimpole Hall develop, with particular reference to the European theatre of operations (1944-5) evacuations?
Assess the view that Voltaire’s ‘Candide’ is as important today as it was in the Enlightenment period. The cyclicality of agricultural commodity prices in East Anglia
An individual whose “insatiable love of power and …insane desire to be the first and greatest man” drove him to civil war – is this a better description of Caesar or Richard, Duke of York? Do the economic benefits of Uranium mining in Namibia outweigh the impacts, to the people, environment and country as a whole?


Head of the EPQ course, Judith Gardom, said of the presentations:
“Once again, the standard of presentations was very high indeed, and we were particularly impressed with the way in which students answered demanding questions from the audience. Students demonstrated the depth and breadth of their knowledge and their understanding of the research process, and communicated with great enthusiasm and self-assurance.”

The course has also been praised by past students for “stimulating my academic interests” and providing a discussion point “in every interview situation up until now”.

Well done to all of those sixth formers involved.

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