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Perse team reach national final in Student Investor Challenge

12 Mar 2014

1Monday saw The Perse team ‘bankers who lost interest’ take part in the regional final of the IFS Student Investor Challenge.

The annual competition is organised by IFS University College for 14 to 19 year olds. It aims to give students first-hand experience of making investment decisions, and to improve financial literacy and understanding of financial risk.

After winning the online stage of the competition last month, where each team was given £100,000 of virtual money to invest in the stock market, the team managed to more than double their original investment over the challenge period – a huge feat in itself as the FTSE 100 Index declined by 3% over the challenge period. The final balance of their investment was £213,885.

This success led them to the regional final of the competition on Monday, where the team of budding sixth form investors – Joe Todd, Fin Brown, Charlotte Grace and Hannah Kirk – competed against 19 other schools from the region in a pub-quiz-style contest. The questions included a mix of current affairs, business news, personal finance and economics.

The team did fantastically well, highlighting their excellent knowledge of the world of business, investment and economics. The team finished second, meaning that they qualified for the national final, putting The Perse in the top eight schools nationally – an outstanding achievement.

The national final, to be held in April, will consist of an online share trading exercise plus an eight-minute presentation on an economics or investment-related topic.

This is a fantastic result, and we wish the team the very best of luck in the next round of the competition in April. Well done!





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