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Finding your way with physics

3 Mar 2014

Local sixth form students of maths and physics are being invited to consider ‘where they are and where they are going’ in a free workshop about vectors, which will be held at The Perse next week.

The workshop has been organised by the University of Cambridge’s Rutherford School Physics Partnership to help sixth formers develop their problem-solving skills and gain practical physics expertise beyond A level. It is part of a programme of activities which focuses on solving problems as way of deeply understanding physical concepts and ideas thus equipping more students with the skills to study physics, engineering and maths at University.

The workshop is entitled: ‘Vectors: where are you and where are you going?’ and will be held at the Upper on Tuesday 11 March at 3.45pm5.45pm. This free workshop is open to any young person studying maths and physics at sixth form.

Project Manager Professor Mark Warner, of the University of Cambridge, explained:

“Physics is an exciting field. Every day physicists use their knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems and transform lives.

“This workshop is a great opportunity for sixth formers to deepen their knowledge of vectors, a subject that is vital for physics, maths and engineering. The session will be hands-on and will help students build confidence in using vectors to tackle problems. Any sixth former studying maths and physics is welcome.

Eliza McIntosh, teacher of physics at The Perse, said:

“We’re delighted to support this important initiative by hosting the workshop. It’s a great opportunity for students to practice the skill of deconstructing problems and generating ideas, and will help sixth formers in their current studies and later at university.”

Sixth formers wishing to attend the event should speak to their physics or maths teacher in the first instance, who in turn can email to find out more or reserve places for their students.

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