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Weekly sport round-up

11 Feb 2014

The terrible weather failed to thwart the sport this week; the majority of matches went ahead prompting visitors New Hall School’s delightful tweet ‘#nothingstopsnetball’. Well said!

The netballers put in some great performances against New Hall, the U15As leaving the court with a 33-8 win. Also celebrating wins were the 1st VII and U14B teams, while other teams dug deep but were ultimately defeated.

There was disappointment for the boys’ U16 hockey team in the East Rounds of the National Schools Championships. While they finished second in the group following wins against Bancrofts 2-0, Norwich 4-2 and Biddenham 7-0, a narrow 0-1 loss to Culford cost them a place in the East Finals. Several other teams settled for very-respectable second place in tournaments this week, with the boys’ 2nd XI runners-up in the football at RHS Holbrook and, our B basketball team runners-up at Long Road and the U16 VI badminton team runners-up at Parkside.

Girls’ Netball
Team Opposition   Result For Against
 U13A New Hall School Loss 6 23
 U13B New Hall School Loss 4 17
 1st VII New Hall School Win 26 13
 2nd VII New Hall School Loss 9 15
 U14A New Hall School Loss 9 18
 U14B New Hall School Win 16 10
 U15A New Hall School Win 33 8
 U16A New Hall School Loss 23 35
 U16A King’s Ely Loss 15 40
 U16B King’s Ely Loss 7 9
Boys’ Hockey          
Team       Opposition                            Result            For          Against       
 1st XI Bishop’s Stortford College Loss 2 3
 2nd XI Bishop’s Stortford College  Win 7 2
 U16A Bishop’s Stortford College  Win 4 2
 U16A National Schools EastRounds Team did not qualify for East Finals
 U16B Bishop’s Stortford College  Win 2 1
 U15A Bishop’s Stortford College  Win 5 1
 U15B Bishop’s Stortford College  Win 8 0
 U15C Felsted School  Win 8 0
U13A Kimbolton School Draw 1 1
U13B Kimbolton School Draw 1 1
U13B1 Felsted Prep School Loss 2 4
U13B2 Felsted Prep School Draw 2 2
U13C1 Felsted Prep School Win 4 2
U13C2 Felsted Prep School Draw 1 1
U13D1 Felsted Prep School Loss 1 5
U13D2 Felsted Prep School Win 3 2
U13 Peli 1a Felsted Prep School Win 2 1
U13 Peli 1b Felsted Prep School Win 8 1
U13 Peli 2a Felsted Prep School Win 2 1
U13 Peli 2b Felsted Prep School Draw 0 0
U13 Peli 3a St Faith’s School Loss 0 7
U13 Peli 3b St Faith’s School Loss 0 7
U13 Peli 4a St Faith’s School Loss 0 6
U13 Peli 4b St Faith’s School Loss 0 10
U13 Peli 5a St Faith’s School Loss 1 3
U13 Peli 5b St Faith’s School Loss 0 2
Boys’ Football
Team Opposition                            Result For Against
2nd XI RHS Holbrook Tournament runners-up
Boys’ Basketball
Team Opposition Result For Against
Perse B Long Road Tournament runners-up


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