The Perse School

The Three Little Pigs of Ancient Rome

14 Feb 2014

Members of Latin Club at the Prep had a great time this week recounting the tale of The Three Little Pigs in Latin.

Here’s an excerpt for your amusement.

Scene two

(The first little pig runs away to get help. The wolf goes to the stick house of the second little pig. He knocks on the door.)

LUPUS: salve, porce parve! WOLF: Hello, little pig!
PORCUS II: quis es? PIG 2: Who are you?
LUPUS: lupus maximus sum! introeo. WOLF: I am a big wolf! I’m coming in.
PORCUS II:  minime, minime per vibrissa mea. PIG 2: No, not by my whiskers.


(The wolf tries to blow down the house of sticks.)

LUPUS: huffabo et puffabo et domum inflabo. WOLF: I will huff and I will puff and I will blow your house down.
PORCUS II: eheu! casa mea decidit. auxilium fero. PIG 2: Oh no! My house is falling down. I’m getting help.







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