The Perse School

Chocs away for day of confection

13 Feb 2014

Pupils at the Prep have spent all day dreaming of chocolate, surprisingly with the Head’s blessing.

For their House Activity Day, an opportunity for pupils from all year groups to work together, children were set the challenge of designing, branding, marketing and financing a new chocolate bar, then pitching it to a panel of ‘dragons’.

Pupils took products from an initial vision and concept to a packaged prototype, then created a campaign of printed posters and a TV advert to bring it to market. As any self-respecting entrepreneur (or fan of The Apprentice) knows the bottom line is key, so pupils had to develop a sound financial model for their business.

All groups then pitched their idea to the Prep ‘dragons’, teachers who ditched their usual encouragement and support for disapprobation and cynicism. Once through this gruelling trial, the front runners were faced with the even more daunting task of persuading the ‘head dragons’ to choose their product. Eventually Foresters 18, Barbarians 6 and Corinthians 7 emerged victorious with their creations ‘Chocodough’, ‘Guzzle Guster’ and ‘Fudgipops’.

The three winning teams will see their confections brought to life after half-term when they work with the Prep Chef Sean Johnson to create the bars.

This was an exhilarating and fun day with a serious aim. Pupils tested their team working and collaboration skills, flexed their creative muscles and applied their maths. They also used a wide range of technology to develop and pitch their ideas, from Google Sketch-up for the initial designs, to Windows Movie Maker for their advert and Excel for their financial modelling, helping them understand the practical uses of the software.




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