The Perse School

Are you the real Inspector Hound?

7 Feb 2014

Tonight sees the final performance of the Middle School play, The Real Inspector Hound, a classic ‘whodunit’ by Tom Stoppard, one of Britain’s most highly-esteemed dramatists.

The Real Inspector Hound is set in a theatre and features two pompous critics: the buffoonish Birdboot (played by Harvey Redfern) and the philosophical Moon (played by Laura Dementiev). As they settle down to review ‘Murder at Muldoon Manor’, a typical country house murder mystery, we discover that Moon is only present to replace the absent ‘first-string’ critic, Higgs.

Treated only to poor acting, missed entrances and dreadful sound effects, the critics become distracted. While Birdboot is more interested in his chocolate box and defending his ‘scrupulous morality’, Moon pontificates poetically on the agony of being a second choice critic. So distracted by their own affairs, they only occasionally remember to feign interest and offer lofty observations on the evening’s entertainment in absurdly grandiloquent language.

However, as Birdboot’s love life becomes increasingly embroiled in the action on stage, he finds himself on the other side of the curtain. An unusual performance becomes even more bizarre as he and Moon unwittingly become characters on stage and are implicated in a shocking discovery. With unexplained murders, an unnoticed corpse and the frontier between actors and audience truly dissembled, one question rings out:  Are you the real Inspector Hound?

The Year 9 and 10 pupils have put in some terrific performances over two consecutive nights this week. Well done to all of the pupils involved in putting on such a fantastic show.

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