The Perse School

Sixth Form students contemplate the ever-expanding universe

23 Jan 2014

After school on Tuesday, a group of our Sixth Form physics students and members of staff attended a Cambridge Physics Centre lecture at the Cavendish Laboratory entitled “The Ever-Expanding Universe and Dark Energy”, which was given by Professor Carolin Crawford (a Perse parent) from the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Cambridge.

During a whistle-stop tour of the Universe, Professor Crawford convinced the students of the evidence for a static universe and dark energy, although some of them were disappointed to learn that as yet the origin or nature of dark energy remains uncertain.

After the lecture the group adjourned to Bella Italia for pizza and pudding to discuss the content of the lecture, physics, and life in general.  The Physics Department hopes to repeat the success later in the term with a trip to hear Professor Mark Warner speak on “Spin” on Tuesday 18 March, which will be followed by a physics curry.

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