The Perse School

Literary Society welcomes Old Persean

10 Jan 2014

The Literary Society was pleased to welcome Old Persean Matthew Robinson to its meeting yesterday afternoon. Matthew is involved in the organisation of the annual ‘arielstratford’ Shakespeare summer camps managed by Roger Harcourt – another Old Persean.

The arielstratford camps are somewhat of an institution, and have been run by Roger for many years, and offer an opportunity in August for school and university students to spend a couple of weeks in Stratford camping by the river, attending theatre performances each evening and spending days discussing all things Shakespeare in informal seminars. Matthew left the Perse a couple of years ago and quickly became involved in the camps, spending many summers there, and took this opportunity to introduce these prestigious events to current students.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable and informative talk which will hopefully encourage some of our students to take part in the camps this summer.


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