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An Inspector Calls – a review

9 Dec 2013

Friday and Saturday evening saw our Lower Sixth pupils take to the stage for a performance of An Inspector Calls, which has been reviewed by fellow Lower Sixth student, Aylwin Racher:

“The Lower Sixth play is famed in the School’s drama calendar, as the production team have to take a group of their peers, and somehow create a play within the space of a few short weeks. As if this wasn’t enough, this is set in the context of the exhausting and highly-pressured first term of the Sixth Form, so to produce a performance is an even greater challenge. Yet every year the intrepid Lower Sixth manage it, and this year was no exception; this time with killer combination director/producer duo Cole Sanson and Emma South.

The production in question was An Inspector Calls, J.B. Priestley’s controversial and thought-provoking play wrought with tension and dramatic irony. Set in 1912, the play calls into question the social order of the day and has provoked audiences to question their own consciences down the decades.

All bedecked in white tie, and from the comfort of the lecture theatre, the players gave us a fantastic couple of hours during which we were captivated by the twists and turns of the lives of the Birling family.  Stellar performances were given by the terrifyingly authoritative Beth Barker, the enchanting Ella Thomson, and Chad Frost-Smith, a well-known and greatly-respected figure on the Perse dramatic circuit. The leading roles were well complemented by rest of a highly professional cast, including Eva Della-Porta and Tom Harwood as members of the brilliantly defiant upper crust. New kid on the block Aaron Halpern gave a stalwart performance and was well cast as prodigal son Eric.

The audience was truly captivated by the tense scenes of the play and all were awed by the quality of the production – including the impressive set. The Sansom/South duo pulled off this play with terrific style; the cast and crew should be rightly proud of this production and we look forward to seeing them again in future shows.”

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