The Perse School

Year 11 Play – a review

25 Nov 2013

The Year 11 play, Shorts, performed on 15 and 16 November, impressively collated some the most renowned plays by Beckett and Pinter. The company was able to effectively sustain a sense of flow and continuity throughout the performance, which opened and closed with Beckett’s Breath. This sketch, less than a minute in length, incorporated dynamic staging, with the cast interspersed amongst the audience prior to the start. This simple yet captivating piece introduced the audience to the incredible unity of the company, despite the piece having no speech, providing a powerful opening and conclusion to the evening. Other notable Beckett plays performed included Catastrophe, the humorous dialogue of which brought the characters to life, accompanied by confident performances.

Pinter’s plays were equally engaging. Amongst the most memorable was Request Stop, executed in an amusing style with a lively and well-sustained soliloquy. The Applicant incorporated impressive elements of physical theatre, combined with interesting technical elements, which provided a dramatic ending to the first half of the show.

The production was a great success, very well directed by Mr Green, who used innovative staging to sustain audience immersion throughout.


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