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Viva España – Spanish exchange, October 2013

5 Nov 2013

A group of Perse pupils headed off to Seville at the start of the half term, where they were welcomed at the airport by the host families and lots of excited Spanish pupils looking forward to putting a face to the Perse pupil they had been emailing for a few weeks!

The first day was spent in the school and our pupils found it interesting to see the differences in the Spanish Education System. On the Friday morning we ventured to Córdoba by train and despite the downpours had a super visit to the impressive Mezquita, and the cameras were out in full force. We organised a meal that evening for all the pupils in a beautiful restaurant in Seville before returning them to their host families in Tomares. The weekend was spent with the families and whilst some of our pupils were treated to a visit to the beach near Cádiz, others explored the beautiful town of Carmona, which is perched on a ridge overlooking the beautiful Andalusian countryside. On Monday, the pupils headed back into Seville to visit the beautiful Plaza de España and then headed to the Flamenco Museum set up by the renowned dancer Cristina Hoyos. After a tour of the museum they attended a percussion workshop for the Cajón. As one of our pupils plays this instrument it was great to see him give the teacher a run for his money. On the last evening, the pupils all got together once more for a farewell meal.

The trip was a real success, and as well as experiencing the cultural differences of life in Spain, having to communicate with the families in Spanish at all times was an invaluable experience. The Perse pupils had a super experience and were keen to stay longer, but also are excited about welcoming the Spanish pupils to Cambridge next year.


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