The Perse School

Upper Sixth Politics Conference

22 Nov 2013

On 12 November, our Upper Sixth Politics students attended a conference at the British Library on US Politics. This fascinating conference featured talks by university academics on topics ranging from the 21st century presidency to the Supreme Court and the protection of minorities. There was also the opportunity to pose questions to former Congressmen Doug Bereuter (Republican, Nebraska) and John Tanner (Democrat, Tennessee). Bereuter drew on his immense experience of foreign affairs to outline the challenges and opportunities of a multi-polar world, whilst Tanner, a founding member of the Blue Dog Democratic Coalition, examined the growing polarisation of American politics that culminated in the recent government shutdown, with many enlivening anecdotes from inside the beltway.

This was an enlightening and fascinating trip for all of those involved, and will no doubt enrich their understanding of US politics.

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