The Perse School

Physics in Action

28 Nov 2013

On Wednesday 13 November, 26 Lower Sixth Physics students attended a day of talks at the Institute of Education in London entitled Physics In Action. This was a chance to see how Physics (and other scientific disciplines) are currently being used in cutting edge research. The students saw talks on how imaging the brain with infra red radiation is helping us to understand cognitive development in infants; what happens when meteorites and cosmic dust hit the Earth; how drug delivery can be made via microbubbles and released to specific sites using ultrasound; and how materials science has been inspired by nature, from Velcro to self-cleaning glass.

There was also an opportunity to see some of the funniest bits of Physics and to develop examination skills. With presentations from experts in the field talking about their very latest research, this was an excellent chance to see where the study of Physics could take you.

Sixth Form Physics Trip




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