The Perse School

Ophelia Redpath visits the Pelican

On Monday, Ophelia Redpath, the author of The Lemur’s Tale came to visit the Pelican. She shared her magical story about a ring-tailed lemur who is a stowaway on a boat from Madagascar. In the story, he eventually ends up in the home of an eccentric but dysfunctional family. His night-time antics cause confusion as he nibbles on the family’s plants and raids their larder! But he brings great joy once they discover him curled up in a teapot, filling a little girl’s life with hope and happiness.

Ophelia will be working with the children again in the coming weeks on projects to create their own characters and write a class storybook about a magical forest. Everyone at the Pelican is looking forward to seeing Ophelia again when she visits the Pelican for the second time next week.

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