The Perse School

Introducing Pippin

22 Nov 2013

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People was chosen as the Prep’s charity of the year last September, and a range of activities were held throughout the year to raise funds for this fantastic cause. The Prep raised a staggering £6,000 for the charity, with the funds being used to help purchase a puppy and then deliver its training.

Pupils were asked to select three girls’ and three boys’ names for the puppy, with the final name being chosen once the dog was selected.

We are thrilled to announce that the Hearing Dog sponsored by the Prep has been named Pippin. He is now around 10 weeks old, a black miniature poodle, and is currently living with a volunteer puppy socialiser who will soon start taking him to fortnightly classes to begin his hearing dog training. In his training, Pippin will learn to alert his deaf owner to important household sounds such as the doorbell, alarm clock, telephone and smoke alarm, providing independence, confidence and companionship to his owner.

We look forward to hearing more about Pippin’s progress in the coming weeks, and hope that he will visit the Prep to meet his sponsors!

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