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German Exchange

20 Nov 2013

The Perse has had a long-running exchange with the Lessing Gymnasium in Hamburg, which continued again this year with Perse pupils travelling to Germany over October half-term for five days. Here, pupils were able to experience life as part of a German family, learn about German history and culture, and of course, improve their German language skills.

Two of the students who took part in the trip – Angus from Year 10 and Tor from Year 9 share their experiences below.

“The beginning of the German exchange can be unsettling, especially being thrust into the homestead of a family with whom I had only exchanged a couple of formal emails. Once you become familiar with your surroundings you begin losing those worries. Now, after the trip is over I doubt I could be any more grateful for my exchange partners’ family. They showed me brilliant German hospitality, making sure I was always happy and well fed, which I can only imagine was a difficult task as I am definitely a fussy eater.

Although the food was a big worry for me, I also remember fretting about how much I would see of my friends who were also visiting on the exchange. In the end this worry was again quickly crushed when I discovered how much everyone’s exchange partners interacted, with every night being a chance to meet up at someone else’s house. The trip as a whole was an amazing experience with so much going on, especially considering the short length of it. For me, the one thing that stood out above the rest of the trip was definitely the Marzipan Museum in Lübeck. Over £20 spent on marzipan, and I’m definitely not regretting it!” – Angus

Tor adds; “I would seriously recommend the Hamburg exchange to anyone who does German; I had lots of fun and made lots of new friends. My favourite parts of the exchange were going to Lübeck and spending time as a group with the exchange partners. I loved going to Lübeck and getting to explore a city I had never seen before, that I really love now. My one criticism of going to Lübeck was going there on our own, although I did enjoy it, I think it may have been more fun to go with our exchange partners. I also liked spending time as a group with my friends from the Perse and our exchange partners.

Overall I loved the trip and thought it was the experience and adventure of a lifetime, and I think that it was definitely worth doing, and would do it again.”

We look forward to welcoming the German partners to Cambridge early next year.



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