The Perse School

Beaver Computing Challenge

22 Nov 2013

Last week, 298 students from the Upper entered the Beaver Computing Challenge, an international competition in which around 400,000 students from eleven countries around the world aim to demonstrate their prowess in computational thinking. Rather than needing specific Computer Science knowledge, the students were required to demonstrate their logic and reasoning to solve questions on route-finding, networking, ordering and other classic problems studied in Computer Science.

We were delighted that in the first year of this competition being open to UK competitors, we had so many of our students who earned distinction certificates. Hugo Fung (Junior), Henrik Burton, Rosie Cates and Freddie Perkins (Senior) excelled themselves by scoring full marks in the competition. Their names will now be published on the Wall of Fame of the Beaver Computing Challenge website.

Over 30 of our students were also awarded Distinction certificates, and we congratulate them on their excellent achievement.

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