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Mind your Language

4 Oct 2013

We were delighted to welcome Chris Dennis, a sports broadcast journalist who has worked with the BBC, Channel 4 and Eurosport, to the School yesterday. Chris ran language workshops with our Year 11 language students and got them involved with a whole host of journalistic activities, to both test their language skills and also experience the kinds of tasks that form part of his job every day. This included the pupils listening to an interview in French and then reporting it back to the class in English, much as Chris would report back to the TV studio when interviewing a sports player.

Chris also spoke of how his knowledge of languages has helped him in his career. He concluded that his ability to speak a foreign language (he speaks French, Mandarin, German and Spanish) has been invaluable in his highly-competitive profession where all reporters are chasing the same stories. He explained that having a language string to your bow sets you apart from the pack, and he recounted the anecdote of securing the only interview in the world for the BBC from an African footballer, solely because he was able to give the interview in French. In addition, his language skills have opened many doors for international travel – he has been to China, Ethiopia and Qatar to name a few in recent months!

This was a really successful day enjoyed by all, and will have no doubt inspired some of our linguists to pursue their language education further.

MFL workshop

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