The Perse School

Double, double, toil and trouble …

18 Oct 2013

The Upper Sixth production of Macbeth, directed by Charlotte Petter, has been a tremendous success.   Andrew Green was formidable as the would-be king and tyrant, Macbeth and Holly White made Lady Macbeth’s  bloodthirsty ambition and eventual descent into madness utterly convincing. An impressive supporting cast included a trio of terrifying witches (Harriet McLean, Lottie Howson-Smith and Sylvia de Luca) and Will Taylor as the redoubtable MacDuff.  Emma Broadhurst effortlessly embodied the re-defined role of ‘Lady Malcolm’ and Joe MacNeil as Banquo, was a staunch counterpart to Macbeth. Other strong performances came from Cameron Banks (Lennox), Eoin Sweeney (Donalbain), Tristan Latchford (Ross) and Asher Glinsman as Banquo’s murderer ensured that the 2013 Upper Sixth Play was one to remember.

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