The Perse School

Beside the seaside

3 Oct 2013

This week, 32 Lower Sixth geographers headed to the north east Norfolk coast to examine the threats of erosion and flooding on this coastline. We were blessed with fantastic weather and the day really brought to life textbook concepts and examples.

At Overstrand we studied processes affecting the weak cliffs composed of glacial sands and clays and explored the wide range of different coastal defence features that have been put in place to protect the town. The geographers then carried out their own analysis of the costs and benefits of defending the town in the future. Our visit to Happisburgh gave us a taste of things to come as this geographically famous site is largely being left to the action of the weather and the sea. At our final stop at Sea Palling we considered the impact of the 1953 storm surge on this small community, and saw the extensive coastal defences that have been put in place to prevent another breach of the sand dunes by the sea that could flood far inland and potentially affect the Norfolk Broads National Park.

We hope you enjoy this short video of the day’s events.

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