The Perse School

PES Ascent Group – Patrol Leader Training Day

27 Sep 2013

Last weekend the new Patrol Leaders Council for Ascent Group met for a day of team building. The Ascent Group is the largest extra-curricular club run by the Outdoor Pursuits department with 150 members. These 150 members are split into four sections known as Earth, Air, Fire and Water, which are further subdivided into four patrols of eight students. Each patrol is led by a Year 9 Patrol Leader and each section is led by a patrol of Year 10 students known as Bears. The whole group is led by the senior patrol known as Stags, which consists of six students led by the Senior Patrol Lead (SPL). Collectively the Patrol Leaders, Bears and Stags are known as the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC). The whole structure of the Perse Exploration Society Ascent Group is heavily reliant on student leadership and the training day was aimed at providing all students with an opportunity to get know each other.

During the morning the Stags and Bears cleaned and prepared the Outdoor Pursuits Centre for a lunch to seat 38. Group leaders conducted public speaking training whilst the remaining Year 10 students began cooking. At midday, the Patrol Leaders arrived to be greeted by the Bears and Stags in black tie ready to serve lunch. The aim of this role reversal in leadership was to emphasise the need for teamwork throughout the PLC despite position. The meal was a great success and a clear indication of the ability of the group to work together. The remainder of the afternoon was spent cleaning up and then discussing plans for Ascent Group in the year ahead.

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