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Perse student secures Air Cadets Pilots Scholarship

16 Sep 2013

Perse student Daniel Agar was recently awarded an Air Cadet Pilots Scholarship – a number of which are available to Air Cadets each year. These are sponsored by the Royal Aero Club, the Air League Educational Trust, the RAF Charitable Trust, the Geoffrey DeHaviland Foundation, Babcock Defence Services, the RAF Association and the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators, and are often a step towards gaining a Private Pilots Licence, or even a career as a pilot in the RAF. Here, Daniel talks about his flying experiences over the summer.

“Recently I was fortunate enough to be awarded an Air Cadet Pilots Scholarship; this is the next step up from a gliding scholarship and provides twelve hours of flying experience on powered aircraft at Tayside Aviation in Dundee. This is a great opportunity as the hours gained on the course can be put towards a future Private Pilots Licence (PPL). The experience of flying out of an active airport was different from the flying I had previously done as part of Cadets and over the two weeks of the course I learnt how to make radio calls and deal with in-flight emergencies as well as the more standard aspects of piloting an aircraft. Whilst the temperamental Scottish weather prevented my going solo as intended,  the weather conditions relaxed a couple of days later and I was able to conclude the course by flying a solo circuit of the airfield. This experience has increased my hopes of obtaining a PPL and I hope to progress towards this goal with the aid of further civilian flying scholarships.”

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