The Perse School

Perse Science Club soars to new heights

23 Sep 2013

The Perse School Science Club soared to new heights last week, as they investigated the best way to make a paper aeroplane.  In the first physics session of term, around 30 pupils constructed a wide variety of aircraft – from trusted favourites like ‘The Dart’ to the exotic ‘O-wing’.  After the designs had been tested and perfected in the laboratory, a grand competition was held in the hall. Launching their creations from the balcony, pupils bombarded the stage with over 30 entries.  The winning design, a joint effort from Viraj Kakhandki (8T) and Pavan Tanna (8N), travelled over 19 metres and struck the lectern.  Should the Head come under attack at his next assembly, we may know who is responsible!

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