The Perse School

French connection

9 Jul 2013

Perse students have been getting to know the history and culture of their Gallic neighbour.

Year 8’s three day visit to Ambleteuse near Calais included a wide range of activities which immersed them in the richness of French culture and language. The students participated in a series of educational games with students at a school in Calais; visited a snail and a goat farm, gaining detailed biological French vocabulary; toured the historical site of La Coupole; and took up a challenge to buy specific items at the French market in Boulogne. They also survived three days of rain – and even managed “une visite à la plage”!

Meanwhile the History Department took a group of 47 Year 9 pupils to Normandy to tour the D-Day battlefields. The tour party spent four days visiting and researching the sites of some of the incredible achievements of Allied forces on 6 June 1944, including Pegasus Bridge, Sainte Mère-Église, Pointe du Hoc and the Merville Battery. The party went to all five beachheads and was based at Arromanches, the site of the British mulberry or artificial harbour.

A particular highlight was meeting and having a group photograph with Arlette Gondrée, who was four years of age in June 1944. She is the proprietor of the Café Gondrée, which is located next to Pegasus Bridge and was the first liberated house in France. The party also explored the medieval town of Bayeux, including taking a trip to look at the Bayeux Tapestry.

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