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Success for CCF Cadets

6 Jun 2013

CCF Cadets Edmund Smith and Marko Preocanin have been selected for the prestigious Air Cadet Leadership Course at RAF Cranwell which they will attend this summer. The course provides cadets with military training in leadership, communication and teamwork. Cadets are taught leadership theory, military briefing techniques and how to plan for exercises. They put this to practice through a rigorous series of leadership tasks. Over the course of the intensive week their physical fitness and ability to think clearly under pressure is developed. Successful cadets are presented with their ACLC badge and they graduate in a ceremony held in front of College Hall, on the same parade square where regular RAF Pilots earn their commission.

Congratulations also go to Marko Preocanin (again!) and Toby Burn who have been awarded Gliding Scholarships which they will take up over the summer. Gliding Scholarship courses are an opportunity for cadets to undergo further training and achieve Gliding Scholarship wings. A course consists of up to 40 launches in a Viking or 8 hours in a Vigilant to achieve GS wings. Cadets showing the necessary aptitude are invited to progress to ‘solo’ standard and hopefully achieve the GS Solo Wings.

Air cadets badge

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