The Perse School

Perse students are not always what they seem

17 Jun 2013

Unsuspecting tourists and shoppers in the city centre found themselves in the midst of a Perse Exploration Society field exercise earlier this month.

Perse students in Years 7 to 9 took to the streets of Cambridge in search of Year 10s in the annual ‘Disguise Game’. The game is an opportunity for Year 10s, who normally lead the younger students, to turn the tables on their patrols by hiding around the city centre, attempting to thwart the searchers whose mission is to locate them in the fastest possible time.

This year saw Year 10s dressed as tourists, footballers, beggars, officers of the law and Rastafarians. One student went as far as shedding his human form and assuming the life of a cardboard box for the evening.

The game ended with Panthers Patrol of Earth Section (run by Patrol Leader, Henry Hackett) winning the prize for the most catches in the shortest period of time.

While light-hearted, the game is a chance for students to put observational and search skills into practice. Training for this year’s Summer Camp in the Peak District continues during the last few weeks of term.


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