The Perse School

“I’ve started so I’ll finish”

27 Jun 2013

Students from St Mary’s and The Leys joined Perse pupils to pit their book and general knowledge against each other in the annual Book MasterMind final.

The competition was intense, the proceedings nail-bitingly exciting, and the results the closest ever in this event. The Perse’s Elizabeth Stephenson initially took the lead with her answers about Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  Jess Samuel, whose specialist subject was Louisa M. Alcott’s Rose in Bloom, gained ground in the General Knowledge round to claim the highest score.

Final scores were, in reverse order:

Leys 32

Leys 47

Perse 52.5

St Marys 53 (4 passes)

St Marys 53 (2 passes)

Perse 55

Adele Geras, whose novel Troy  was shortlisted for the Whitbread Award and Highly Commended for the Carnegie Medal, was guest speaker. She talked to the students with great vivacity and humour reminding them that, in their writing, they were the boss and in control, and encouraged them to travel to wherever they wanted in place or time. Inspiring stuff!


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