The Perse School

Rocketry Society Compete at National Finals

10 May 2013

This week a Perse team competed amongst the top 20 teams from the UK in the national schools rocketry finals held in Farnborough. The Perse won this title in 2012, and the young team were hoping to do something similar this time around.  As in the regional heats the Perse team battled with difficult weather conditions. In particular the variation in wind levelled the field and meant that first prize was anyone’s.

The team prepared their rocket and launched what appeared to be a perfect flight. Reaching 725ft in a total time of 44 seconds, this would have resulted in a top 5 prize.  However, very unfortunately, a tiny fracture was discovered in the egg by the judges after the rocket was recovered and this meant the team were out of the competition.

Despite the result, the team had a thoroughly enjoyable time and learnt a huge amount from seeing all the launches and discussing with other teams how they tackled the challenge and built their rocket. All the members are already eager for next year’s challenge, and the school hopes to enter multiple teams.

IMG_6199 Perse finals

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