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Crossing continents to learn about climate

30 May 2013

Students in Year 8 have been working on a collaborative Geography project with peers at Nanyang Girls' High School, Singapore.

Perse students used Chromebooks in lessons to research the Singaporean climate, while students from Nanyang investiged Cambridge's climate. The students then shared their work and gave each other feedback on their research to help develop a realistic view of what it is like to live where they do.

Nanyang Girls' High School is a partner school of The Perse in SAGE: the Strategic Alliance of Global Educators . By taking advantage of our international connections and making use of modern technology, students gained a deeper understanding of the geography of another country. Having made the connection some students have gone beyond discussions about climate, corresponding to share their views on popular culture, sports and fashion.

We look forward to taking part in more collaborative projects with our international partners in the future.

Sample graph

A sample graph


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