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Summit 10 Battle the Elements

23 Apr 2013

The Fire Leaders (student leaders) of Summit 10 give their account of a very wet, cold, but ultimately enjoyable Easter expedition: 

Over the Easter holidays, PES Summit 10 visited South Wales to spend ten days hiking, camping and experiencing some of the most diverse (worst) weather the country has to offer.

Twenty-eight pupils set off with the intention of completing the 152km Beacons Way, carrying all their equipment while crossing the highest summits of the National Park. The trip drew on all the skills we had learnt over the year, from navigation and first aid, to cooking and budgeting for food. Highlights included climbing the Three Peaks Corn Du, Fan Y Big and Pen Y Fan. These peaks are the highest in southern Britain, reaching 886m.

Along the way we had the chance to visit sites of interest such as the ancient Carreg Cennen Castle and Llanthony Priory, the darkest place in the UK. Unfortunately, due to gale force winds, incredibly poor visibility and torrential rain, part of the route had to be left out.  However we did manage to walk a considerable distance totalling 124km.

Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely despite not being able to complete the trek. To finish off we went to the Llandysul Paddlers and participated in a variety of water sports on the river Towy (Awon Tywi for our welsh speakers). This included kayaking, rafting and river running. River running involves throwing yourself bodily into a river and swimming through rapids and jumping off rocks which is great fun.

Overall the expedition combined an opportunity to practice outdoor skills, take on a significant challenge and the chance to come together as a group.

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