The Perse School

Perse teacher triumphs over world’s toughest footrace

21 Apr 2013

Rather than enjoying a well-earned rest from the demands of teaching Physics at The Perse, teacher Chis Ingram battled temperatures of up to 60 degrees centrigrade to complete a Saharan ultramarathon in the Easter holidays, inspiring Perse colleagues and students in the process.

The Marathon Des Sables is ranked by the Discovery Channel as the toughest footrace on earth. Competitors complete a daily marathon to cover 150 miles over six days. They carry all the food and equipment they need for the week and much of the running is on sand, and across very rugged terrain.

Mr Ingram was delighted to place 247th out of the 1,024 competitors from 34 different countries. Showing immense dedication, he had run nearly 4,000km in training over the preceding 15 months.

According to the organisers, finishing the Marathon des Sables is an incredible accomplishment that proves it is possible to achieve anything you set your mind to.

What an inspirational success with which to start the summer term.

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