The Perse School

Maths Success!

17 Apr 2013

 The Perse has recently recorded some fantastic maths success – with impressive performances in both team and individual Perse winners 1competitions.

The Year 10 Maths Team won the Eastern Region final of the Year 10 Team Maths competition early this week, beating Harrow into second place. There isn’t a national final, so this is as far as the team can go! The team members are Alex Harris, Anthony Kattuman, Richard Geng and Jason Gu.

The team had to tackle a mixture of quick questions, longer problem solving that requires team cooperation and a studied round for which they have to prepare a topic they haven’t done before. In the case of the final it was on the Binomial Expansion, and covered questions that the Lower Sixth might find tricky! To do well, the team needs to be both quick and accurate, and to think on its feet – and the Perse team clearly excelled at this.

The Perse also recorded some fantastic individual achievements in The Intermediate Olympiad – an invitational follow-on competition from the Intermediate Maths Challenge which is aimed at mathematicians in Years 9 to 11.

PerseIt comprises six questions to be completed in two hours, with clear formal solutions expected. It is not for the faint-hearted! We are delighted that Rosie Cates, Jong-Ihn Chung, Jaehyeon Kim, Thomas Read, Sechan Yun and Jamie Bamber all came in the top 50 of the students sitting the Olympiad paper for their year group and were awarded a medal and one of the prestigious book prizes. This was a particular achievement for Jong-Ihn who is in Year 8.

Patrick Bevan, Pratap Singh, Anthony Kattuman and Roan Talbut were also awarded medals having come in the top 100 of their year-group. We offer these students, and the other 8 students who achieved a Merit, many congratulations.

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