The Perse School

Love, laughter and illusion on The Perse stage

30 Apr 2013

Unlike Lysander’s musing on the course of true love, The Perse Players’ production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream ran smoothly, with students enjoying packed houses and critical acclaim.

The annual Perse Players' production is one of the Upper School highlights of the year, with creative roles for students from every Year Group, including actors, technicians, and creative designers.

Head of English and Drama Chris Green said “It was wonderful to see students from all Year Groups working together for a term towards this exciting production. Four members of the English and Drama Department were involved in directing the show.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is also a set text in the School’s Year 7 English curriculum so we were able to offer students a wonderful opportunity to experience Shakespeare in the best possible way: live and onstage. Our three sell-out performances were very well received.”

The Perse Players' production runs on a biennial rotation of in-house play and externally staged musical. In addition each Year Group in the Sixth Form and Middle School stages a play, as does the Lower School. The School also has a drama soiree in the summer term.


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