The Perse School

Year 9 brave the cold for Emmaus

26 Mar 2013

Last Friday 34 pupils from Year 9 ignored the end of school bell, staying on to take part in a ‘sponsored sleep out’ to raise awareness of homelessness and money for the homelessness charity Emmaus.

Pupils took part in a game in which teams sold artwork they had created, put on street performances, did chores, avoided ‘police’ encounters and sold newspapers to receive ‘money’ which they could use to buy cardboard for their team to sleep on.

They also received advice from a group of Emmaus companions on how to keep warm outside, and talked to them about their experiences while they were living on the streets.

Pupils selected a spot around the school site and, braving the freezing temperatures, snow and rain, they slept outside to experience for one night the reality of sleeping in the streets.  The school had a non-school uniform day to help with fundraising and all pupils have been sponsored to take part. If you would like to contribute to their fundraising, please donate by clicking the JustGiving link below:

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