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What do bribery laws, extrasolar planets, Operation Dragoon, and Trumptington Meadows have in common?

19 Mar 2013

… they were all topics of Perse student ‘EPQ’ presentations last week, along with the Rwandan KivuWatt project, military leader John Churchill, King John, meta-comedy and the Anglo-Saxon Adventus. The presentations made for two fascinating evenings in the lecture theatre.

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) develops and test a range of academic and other valuable skills that go way beyond those required for most AS and A Levels. Students choose, extensively research and present a topic, managing their own progress from start to finish. They write a report of up to 5000 words and present their findings verbally to a live audience.

The topics were:

Philip Sansom


An Infinity of Worlds. How do we detect the presence and properties of extrasolar planets?

Keira Rosenwold

To what extent is the greenbelt development at Trumpington Meadows in the South of Cambridge socially and economically justifiable in terms of its impact on Trumpington Village?

Felicity Holmes


To what extent is the Rwandan government justified in carrying out the KivuWatt project as it is currently planned with relation to its effects on the local area?

Katie Heslop

Britain versus America: television is the new battleground. Is the rise of the meta-comedy in American television due to the influence of British television?

Matthew Evans


Why is John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, not remembered to the same extent as other British war heroes when his achievements can be considered equally important?

Sam Watson


Were the contexts of the writers' times significant in determining their interpretation of King John?

Oliver Runciman

‘Operation Dragoon: the cost of delay.’ Was Churchill’s influence a key factor in the timing of Operation Dragoon, and what effect did this decision have on the campaign in Western Europe?

Alex Benn

Was the Anglo-Saxon adventus into Lincolnshire an invasion, settlement or migration?

Fred Banks


The best laws money can buy: did the 2010 bribery act solve the problems of Al-Yamamah?


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