The Perse School

Pupils Pass TriAdventure Test

20 Mar 2013

Mr Parker describes some great Perse performances in the TriAdventure event:

"Early in the morning of Sunday 17th March students from the Adventure Racing Club set out for London to take part in a sprint event in the TriAdventure series. This is the first TriAdventure event the school has taken part in but its format (run- navigate- mountain bike) lent itself well to the skill set held by students of the Adventure Racing Club. The course was set to be tough with a competitive field including experienced adults – and the weather made the challenge even more interesting.

On arrival students were provided with electronic dibbers, a modern take on the traditional orienteering clip, which have the added advantage (or disadvantage) of recording time as well as location. Maps were issued marked with 10 ‘control points’ available for both the run and bike phase of the race. Students were then given the opportunity to plan their tactics for the race, brains on this occasion would undoubtedly outcompete brawn. Before long all teams were on the start line and running out of the gates. What followed was a complex navigational challenge with more than enough mud and deep puddles to keep all competitors happy!

Special mention goes to the Year 7 team of Robert Anderson, Jamie Sales and Toby Proudfoot who, with a score of 44, only narrowly missed out on beating the Year 10 team of Adam Gough and George Gilligan with a score of 47. In Summer term students from the Adventure Racing Club will be reaching even greater heights by taking on the Yorkshire Dales 3 Peaks Challenge, a marathon event in the mountains."


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