The Perse School

Prep budding scientists tackle tough questions

27 Mar 2013

Do men have bigger brains than women? How do you stop car doors opening onto objects? Can your trainers measure how high you jump? These are just some of the stimulating questions put to Prep pupils tackling a variety of topics in Science Week.

Ian Smythe from ARM started the week off with fascinating talks on tablet and mobile phone technology.

On Tuesday Dr Miller, an interventional radiologist, spoke about the heart, lungs and arteries. She performed mock angioplasty, biopsy, and chest drains on pupils, as well as getting them to turn nurse to assist her.

Mr Davis from Innovia technology visited on Wednesday to demonstrate how Science and Maths are used to solve a huge variety of problems. He set the pupils the challenge of designing automated windscreen wipers and a device to stop car doors opening onto objects.

The manufacturing process was in the spotlight too, with Dr Tim Minsall from the Institute for Manufacturing explaining how everything we see and use has to be made.

On Thursday Mr Morris from CSR wireless communications explained how a gyroscope works and is used in tablets, phones and controllers. He then wowed the children with a demonstration of Nike hyperdunk trainers connecting to an iphone to calculate height of jump and steps per second.

Year 3 were treated to a display of owls and a kestrel from the English School of Falconry, even getting the chance to hold one.

Micro-oranisms were the subject of Dr Cooke’s Friday and Tuesday sessions.  Pupils used models to explain the different types, and a UV light was used to illustrate just why good handwashing is so important.

Dr Brierley finished off Science Week with a talk on the brain, asking ‘Do men really have bigger brains then women?’  While the answer is yes, the fairer sex can take comfort in the fact that size does not necessarily correlate with intelligence! She also explained all the regions in the brain, setting tasks for the pupils to ascertain their dominant hemisphere.

The week was a huge success and we are extremely grateful to all the parents from scientific world who gave their time to come and inspire our pupils.

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